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Currently I am accepting review requests from authors, publishers, self-published authors.

First of all, I will only accept review requests for books that are categorized under the book genres I actually read. So this includes: YA (paranormal and contemporary), historical fiction, paranormal, chick-lit, romance. However, just because your book falls under one of those genres it doesn't mean I'll 100% accept your review request. If a book doesn't catch my interest then I'm sorry but I'll have to decline – please, don't take that personal, I simply can't accept everyone.

My review will be based on honest personal opinion and I do not accept any sort of payment for a review. The chance itself to read your book for free is enough of a gift.

How much time will it take for me to read and review a book? It depends from the number of requests I currently have on waiting. I have a life and I work Monday to Saturday so on occasions it may take me awhile, but I'll sort the requests on a comes-first-served-first basis. If you need to have a book reviewed in a limited time, then please say so in your request.

My reviews will be posted here on blog as well as on my Goodreads account. I don't own an Amazon account but I occasionally post reviews on Barnes and Noble website and on The Book Depository page.
I am accepting physical copies and also e-books (in epub format). I much prefer physical copies but I do understand that international shipping can be pricey that's why I'm willing to accept digital versions too. If you have a chance to send a physical copy please do so – staring at a computer and reading on Adobe Reader can be physically exhausting (takes the pleasure out of reading). -.-

Each review contains a picture of a cover alongside with some informations about the book (title, author, series/stand alone, genre, year or first release, etc.), a blurb (from Goodreads.com unless you provide the blurb), my review, information about the author (short bio if available, links to your blog/twitter) and additional material if provided (excerpt or a video trailer).

When sending a request through my e-mail please sure to title your message like this --> Review request: Book title by author's name. In the e-mail include a cover art, link to Goodreads or some other page where I can find out more about a book, and a synopsis (necessary!). I will try to reply to you as soon as I can and let you know if I'll be able to review your book. One more time – don't take it personally if I turn you down.
I am glad to participate in all kinds of book tours or host guest posts, for such matters contact me through my e-mail as well.

Last but not least, for review requests contact me through my e-mail:

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